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7 Cs of communication

Communication is the essential part of our life.One cannot imagine his life without communication. Seek academy, being the best English speaking institute in Delhi provides you the opportunity to meet the best faculty to learn the beautiful art of effective communication.

7 Cs of communication
7 Cs of communication
It is very important to make sure to communicate your message clearly and effectively.The 7 C’s of Communication is a checklist that helps to improve the business communication.

      1.       Clear:

While writing or speaking in English, make sure that the message should be clear and easily understandable to the recipient. In order to be clear, try to talk about one idea at one go in order to reduce confusion. Choose the words that have highly suitable for the readers.

      2.       Concise:

Try to be concise in your conversation try to give a lot of information clearly but in a few words. Express what needs to be said without unnecessary words. When statements are varied, they will create unnecessary confusion.

      3.       Concrete:

Concrete means message should have clear and supportive facts to make the conversation logical and rational, but make sure not to include too many facts; else you will lose the focus.

      4.       Correct:

This point also supports the fact that your message should be clear and easily understandable for audience and always make sure to pass on the correct information to the audience to generate the sense of trust in the listeners. This technique will help you to make your communication flawless.

      5.       Creativity:

The text should be lively and full of creativity. One should avoid using dull and negative words to make the message positive and effective. Use simple but uncommon words to replace the common words in communication.

      6.       Complete:

Try to share the complete details in your message at one go. Do not send incomplete message to avoid unnecessary delay in the required action to be taken. Nobody would like to walk up to you time and again to confirm the minute details.

      7.       Credibility:

Communication should be two way and positive. It should havethe quality of being trusted and believed in. It can be attained by positive tone and practical explanation. It will create the sense of trustworthiness in the mind of reader or listener.

So, readers above mentioned are the basic rules that one needs to keep in his/her mind during written or oral communication. Awareness of these 7 C’s of communication makes your communication effective and error free.

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