Friday, 29 June 2018

Tips for Effective English Writing

Etymologically Effective Writing is an art of writing neither technical nor academic but in an attractive style. It is any form of writing which involves the creation of mind and intriguing style. Anyone can be an effective writer with strong ideas, command on language and understanding of literature.

In this article, Seek Academy, being the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi has brought has brought you some easy tips that can help you to become a creative writer.

Tips for Effective Writing
Tips for Effective Writing
By reading this article, you will understand:

·      Creative writing techniques to improve your writing style.
·      How to begin an article?
·      Structured writing.

1.       Maintain a list:

Are you the one, who just start writing without understanding the topic properly?

If the answer is YES, then you are doing it all wrong.

The moment you get a topic to write, make sure to make all list of all the words that strike your mind just after listening to the topic.

For example: If you have to write about pollution.

Jot down all the words and thoughts that come to your mind:

      ·         Harmful Gases
      ·         Health issues
      ·         Types of pollution
      ·         List of Causes
      ·         List of side effects
      ·         Measures to be taken

Divide your topic into four parts:

Never start writing about a topic without concentrating on the formation of thoughts. For this we need to divide our topic into four parts:


A lot of people just start writing without even introducing the topic, which is a wrong approach. Firstly describe your topic in brief; it can include the meaning or the definition of the subject.

One can use sentences like:

ü Firstly to start with
ü Etymologically
ü To begin with

Or one can also start with any famous quote related to the theme.

*      Continuation:

Now, it is the time to share the minute details of your subject. Here you have to write on the topic in depth. In this part, you can write about the types, subtypes, causes, and effects.

One can start with sentences like:

ü Further, I would like to discuss.
ü Let us study about the topic in depth.
ü Let us understand the different types of (topic).

*      Interruption:

As we have discussed the different types and reasons in the above section. In this part, we need to deal with the different measures that one should take to combat the problem and if there are any measures that the Government has already taken. Some examples are as follows:

ü As we know the government has launched many programs like.
ü As per my opinion in order to combat this issue, some of the measures could be as follows.

*      Conclusion:

While writing a lot of people tend to skip one or other point, if they do not maintain a proper list of thoughts before they start writing, then they are likely to commit mistakes.
In conclusion make sure not to write anything new, instead, you need to summarize the things that you have already written in the above-mentioned points.

Here are some examples to begin the conclusion:

  ü  In the end, we can conclude.
  ü  Finally, one can say.
  ü  As per above discussion.

So, Readers, what are you waiting for?

Start practicing these simple and easy tricks to achieve the target of impressive and effective writing.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

7 Cs of communication

Communication is the essential part of our life.One cannot imagine his life without communication. Seek academy, being the best English speaking institute in Delhi provides you the opportunity to meet the best faculty to learn the beautiful art of effective communication.

7 Cs of communication
7 Cs of communication
It is very important to make sure to communicate your message clearly and effectively.The 7 C’s of Communication is a checklist that helps to improve the business communication.

      1.       Clear:

While writing or speaking in English, make sure that the message should be clear and easily understandable to the recipient. In order to be clear, try to talk about one idea at one go in order to reduce confusion. Choose the words that have highly suitable for the readers.

      2.       Concise:

Try to be concise in your conversation try to give a lot of information clearly but in a few words. Express what needs to be said without unnecessary words. When statements are varied, they will create unnecessary confusion.

      3.       Concrete:

Concrete means message should have clear and supportive facts to make the conversation logical and rational, but make sure not to include too many facts; else you will lose the focus.

      4.       Correct:

This point also supports the fact that your message should be clear and easily understandable for audience and always make sure to pass on the correct information to the audience to generate the sense of trust in the listeners. This technique will help you to make your communication flawless.

      5.       Creativity:

The text should be lively and full of creativity. One should avoid using dull and negative words to make the message positive and effective. Use simple but uncommon words to replace the common words in communication.

      6.       Complete:

Try to share the complete details in your message at one go. Do not send incomplete message to avoid unnecessary delay in the required action to be taken. Nobody would like to walk up to you time and again to confirm the minute details.

      7.       Credibility:

Communication should be two way and positive. It should havethe quality of being trusted and believed in. It can be attained by positive tone and practical explanation. It will create the sense of trustworthiness in the mind of reader or listener.

So, readers above mentioned are the basic rules that one needs to keep in his/her mind during written or oral communication. Awareness of these 7 C’s of communication makes your communication effective and error free.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Speak English with Voice Modulation

All of us know, Today English has become the topmost selling language in the global market. Speaking English fluently but plainly is of no use. Nobody will pay attention to you if you will not use expressions while talking. But wait here I am not talking about the facial expressions only. Instead, I am talking about the expressions that one uses in his/her speech.

Seek Academy, being the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi provides you with the Best Trainers to make your speaking English more impressive.

Now, the question that would be arising in the minds of lots of readers would be, how can I use expressions in my speech?

Speaking English with Voice Modulation
Speaking English with Voice Modulation

So my lovely readers let me give you some easy tips and tricks in order to make your speech impressive.

·         Pitch of your voice:

So the first tip I have to share with you is to use the controlled pitch of a voice. Refrain from talking too loud, it will sound like noise. Also, make sure not to speak too slow as it will not be audible. Always make sure to always use a medium and comfortable pitch.

·         Punctuations & Pauses:

After you set your pitch, you need to take care of punctuations and Pauses.
For example:
If I write: Hi my name is Neha I am a girl

Does it make any sense? NO
But if I write:
Hi! My name is Neha. I am a girl.

Which one sounds better? Of course… the second one.
Why? Because while writing we have used punctuation and pauses.

So, Readers always remember to use raise and lower down your voice, take pauses, syllable stress and intonation while speaking in order to convey your thoughts to audiences in a better way.

·         Emphasis:

While writing if I want to emphasize something, what would I do? Either I would underline that part of my content or put quotation marks as per the requirement in order to put the emphasis. But, while speaking it is not possible to underline or punctuate the text. So, readers here comes the art of voice modulation to support you.
How? Let’s see.

“Voice modulation can help you to make your lecture more interesting.”

So readers while speaking I would want to highlight the two keywords (Voice modulation and more interesting).So for that, I need to speak these two words louder than the rest of the sentence.

·         Kiss your “W” and Bite your ‘V”

All of us know, how important is it to speak clearly to make your speech impressive?
So readers, always make sure while pronouncing the sound of “W” you should be exhaled the air out of your mouth and the gesture of your mouth while speaking should be as if you are taking a bite of food.

·         Body Gesture

Readers, believe me, it is really important to watch your body gesture when you speak. Keep your Chin up and back straight to not to hamper the quality of your voice.
Also, remember a lot of people have the habit of keeping their hands on their faces while speaking which again can result in poor voice and pronunciations.

So, readers, these were some tips that I wanted to share with you all. If you will practice these simple and easy steps trust me nobody can stop you to achieve the target of impressive and clear speech.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

10 steps to Learn English Language

Nowadays, in India, Speaking English fluently has become the need of every person in order to survive in this complex and competitive world.  And, believe me, learning English is not rocket science at all. You just need proper guidance and to focus on the basics. Seek Academy is ranked as one of the Best English Coaching in Delhi. Here in this article, I am going to discuss the 10 weird but easy tips to learn English. But, before you continue always remember that there is no shortcut to learn this language, but with the help of the following tips, you can become the master of this language.

10 Steps to Learn English Language
10 Steps to learn English Language

1: English as a skill, not a status symbol: Today, a lot of people want to learn English just for the sake of status symbol. Till the time one does not dedicate himself to acquire a skill for the sake of knowledge, he or she will not be able to learn this language. Be the Eve of “Garden of Eden” who was dying to taste the apple of knowledge.

2: The more you practice, the more you learn:  A lot of people start learning this language but never continue with the classes due to some or other reason. This way they end up having incomplete knowledge of the language, and as they say:

                                         “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

So, always make sure you go through the complete course in order to become master of the language.

3: Read as much as you can: Read everything that comes in your way...Wondering, why? If it is in English, it is your business. Read as much as you can, beginning from Novels, books, articles, newspapers, Social posts or just a quote on the walls of your School or office for that matter. This way you will be able to increase your treasure of vocabulary and you will definitely become master in playing with words and clean bold your friends.

4: Your phone is your best friend: Speaking English fluently, confidently without fumbling has always been my dream…..but I do not know how to achieve that? This is the question of every student. Here is the answer to your question. Continue your phone addiction. Pick a random topic and start recording your voice in your mobile and listen to that repeatedly in order to watch your mistakes. This way you will understand your strength and mistakes in a better way.

5: Learn the art of voice modulation: No matter, how fluent you are in English language but people will not be interested in listening to you if you do not know how to play with your voice and words. Addressing a gathering is not an easy task and nobody will pay attention to what you are talking. If you know the art of voice modulation, you will be able to understand which word to emphasize and when.

6:  Follow the KISS formula:  “Keep it simple and short” should always be your battle cry.

Try to keep things simple, short and crisp. Do not try to exaggerate things unnecessarily to avoid mistakes and bushing the beat around. The Answer, what you are asked? Do not try to show off by using complex words, if you are not comfortable with any word.

7: Focus on pronunciations:  One should always take care of pronunciations while speaking in English as the way you speak reflects, how much are you comfortable with this language.
Margaret Fuller has rightly said:

                                       “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”

In order to correct your pronunciation make sure while speaking in English, open your mouth wide and do watch your body posture.

8: The 3C formula:

 The 3C formula is the key to speak English like a perfectionist.

  • Comfortable: Choose a comfortable position and posture to avoid distractions while speaking.
  • Confident:  A beautiful wide smile and formal attire should always be your style mantra to avoid nervousness while speaking.
  • Correct: Keep on brushing your basic knowledge of English grammar in order to know refurbish your knowledge.

9: Divide a topic into four partsIn order to make your writing and speaking skills impressive always follow a proper format. Whenever you get any topic to speak or write on, divide your topic into 4 parts:

  1. Introduction:  Never jump on the details of a topic without introducing and describing that topic.
  2. Continuation: Now after giving the minor details of your topic, explain the given topic in depth, for example, its types, sub-types and other details.
  3. Interruptions: After attempting the above-mentioned steps, examine the pros and cons of the situation, topic.
  4. Conclusion: Finally, this is the time when you jump to the conclusion. Remember not to write anything new in this part, only summarize the things mentioned in rest of the paragraph.

10: Remembering vocabulary: A lot of people find learning vocabulary a very hard task. The easiest way to remember any new word is whenever you encounter a new word, write its 2 or 3 examples and then try to use that word in your day to day conversation.

So, now as we have learned 10 easy steps to learn the English language, but only reading this article will not help you to become master of this language. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, proper guidance and hard work is the key to learn English. So, come and join hands with Seek Academy one of the leading English speaking institutes in Delhi.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Top 3 ways to deal with hesitation to speak in English

Many of us feel hesitant while speaking in English. There could be many reasons for that but a lot depends on our strong will to learn and communicate in this language. Seek Academy the Best English coaching in Delhi helps the candidates to overcome this hesitation we must regularly communicate in this language to make it comfortable to our tongue and to do that one must have that environment which could make you quite confident of using this language whenever you have to speak with the known people or the unknown one.

There are certain probable causes of hesitation in this language and those are:

1. Making use of wrong grammar while speaking or writing is the major reason which makes us hesitant of speaking in this language I front of others. Since we are not well accustomed to the English grammar well so it makes us a bit reluctant and we try to observe others reaction on the same and we start avoiding the usage of this language with others.

2. Covering the next reason which is subject awareness. At times people are unaware of the ideas to project in the conversation which could lead to having apprehensions while communicating in this language. Having good information or subject knowledge boosts our confidence level and we tent to portray our vast information on the concerned subject through this medium.

3.  There are some people who have good writing skills but are not confident in their communication skills. Being under confident in front of those who are quite confident of their skills makes a person shy away with these skills.

Speaking a language without hesitation needs a lot of efforts and confidence too which is required at all stages of a person’s life to reflect his communication skills be it verbal communication or written communication.

English Speaking Institute in Delhi
English Speaking Institute in Delhi: Seek Academy

There could be certain suggestions given for the English language learners:

Read as many books as they can. We at seek Academy make sure that the training sessions are interactive and productive so that the candidates are able to participate as much as they can to overcome their hesitation.

Try to communicate in the English language as much as you can as it would enhance your confidence level and would definitely help you to create that English environment also.

Enroll yourself in an English speaking course where you can always learn to use good grammar and appropriate vocabulary also and your trainers could find the flaws in your language and correct it instantly.

Seek Academy is the best English Speaking Institute in Delhi providing the best results in the industry making sure the level assessment and up to date audio-visual aids used appropriately to provide the Best outcome for the candidates.