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Tips for Effective English Writing

Etymologically Effective Writing is an art of writing neither technical nor academic but in an attractive style. It is any form of writing which involves the creation of mind and intriguing style. Anyone can be an effective writer with strong ideas, command on language and understanding of literature.

In this article, Seek Academy, being the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi has brought has brought you some easy tips that can help you to become a creative writer.

Tips for Effective Writing
Tips for Effective Writing
By reading this article, you will understand:

·      Creative writing techniques to improve your writing style.
·      How to begin an article?
·      Structured writing.

1.       Maintain a list:

Are you the one, who just start writing without understanding the topic properly?

If the answer is YES, then you are doing it all wrong.

The moment you get a topic to write, make sure to make all list of all the words that strike your mind just after listening to the topic.

For example: If you have to write about pollution.

Jot down all the words and thoughts that come to your mind:

      ·         Harmful Gases
      ·         Health issues
      ·         Types of pollution
      ·         List of Causes
      ·         List of side effects
      ·         Measures to be taken

Divide your topic into four parts:

Never start writing about a topic without concentrating on the formation of thoughts. For this we need to divide our topic into four parts:


A lot of people just start writing without even introducing the topic, which is a wrong approach. Firstly describe your topic in brief; it can include the meaning or the definition of the subject.

One can use sentences like:

ü Firstly to start with
ü Etymologically
ü To begin with

Or one can also start with any famous quote related to the theme.

*      Continuation:

Now, it is the time to share the minute details of your subject. Here you have to write on the topic in depth. In this part, you can write about the types, subtypes, causes, and effects.

One can start with sentences like:

ü Further, I would like to discuss.
ü Let us study about the topic in depth.
ü Let us understand the different types of (topic).

*      Interruption:

As we have discussed the different types and reasons in the above section. In this part, we need to deal with the different measures that one should take to combat the problem and if there are any measures that the Government has already taken. Some examples are as follows:

ü As we know the government has launched many programs like.
ü As per my opinion in order to combat this issue, some of the measures could be as follows.

*      Conclusion:

While writing a lot of people tend to skip one or other point, if they do not maintain a proper list of thoughts before they start writing, then they are likely to commit mistakes.
In conclusion make sure not to write anything new, instead, you need to summarize the things that you have already written in the above-mentioned points.

Here are some examples to begin the conclusion:

  ü  In the end, we can conclude.
  ü  Finally, one can say.
  ü  As per above discussion.

So, Readers, what are you waiting for?

Start practicing these simple and easy tricks to achieve the target of impressive and effective writing.

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