Monday, 30 April 2018

Speak English with Voice Modulation

All of us know, Today English has become the topmost selling language in the global market. Speaking English fluently but plainly is of no use. Nobody will pay attention to you if you will not use expressions while talking. But wait here I am not talking about the facial expressions only. Instead, I am talking about the expressions that one uses in his/her speech.

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Now, the question that would be arising in the minds of lots of readers would be, how can I use expressions in my speech?

Speaking English with Voice Modulation
Speaking English with Voice Modulation

So my lovely readers let me give you some easy tips and tricks in order to make your speech impressive.

·         Pitch of your voice:

So the first tip I have to share with you is to use the controlled pitch of a voice. Refrain from talking too loud, it will sound like noise. Also, make sure not to speak too slow as it will not be audible. Always make sure to always use a medium and comfortable pitch.

·         Punctuations & Pauses:

After you set your pitch, you need to take care of punctuations and Pauses.
For example:
If I write: Hi my name is Neha I am a girl

Does it make any sense? NO
But if I write:
Hi! My name is Neha. I am a girl.

Which one sounds better? Of course… the second one.
Why? Because while writing we have used punctuation and pauses.

So, Readers always remember to use raise and lower down your voice, take pauses, syllable stress and intonation while speaking in order to convey your thoughts to audiences in a better way.

·         Emphasis:

While writing if I want to emphasize something, what would I do? Either I would underline that part of my content or put quotation marks as per the requirement in order to put the emphasis. But, while speaking it is not possible to underline or punctuate the text. So, readers here comes the art of voice modulation to support you.
How? Let’s see.

“Voice modulation can help you to make your lecture more interesting.”

So readers while speaking I would want to highlight the two keywords (Voice modulation and more interesting).So for that, I need to speak these two words louder than the rest of the sentence.

·         Kiss your “W” and Bite your ‘V”

All of us know, how important is it to speak clearly to make your speech impressive?
So readers, always make sure while pronouncing the sound of “W” you should be exhaled the air out of your mouth and the gesture of your mouth while speaking should be as if you are taking a bite of food.

·         Body Gesture

Readers, believe me, it is really important to watch your body gesture when you speak. Keep your Chin up and back straight to not to hamper the quality of your voice.
Also, remember a lot of people have the habit of keeping their hands on their faces while speaking which again can result in poor voice and pronunciations.

So, readers, these were some tips that I wanted to share with you all. If you will practice these simple and easy steps trust me nobody can stop you to achieve the target of impressive and clear speech.

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